Final Reflections


What sorts of themes have emerged from the conference?

  • Intersection of care and self-care
  • Importance of (auto)biography – a shift back towards academic research as autobiographical work
  • Storytelling and narrative as care/self-care

What might the inter-relationality of care enable us to think about the relationships between media production and consumption?

  • Challenge the strict lines between art and science/medicine, between academic analysis and artistic engagement

What might an “aesthetics of care” look like? How does it differ across media?

  • Tension between exploration and exploitation in the artistic/academic engagement with disability/illness – an aesthetic of care versus an aesthetics for care?
  • Strike a balance between the relationship between artistic and academic engagements with care

How do we make sense of attitudes and discourses of care across geography and history?

  • Need for transnational discussions to make sense of the parallels and differences between practices in different places

How do representations of care allow us to think differently about dependency, agency, responsibility?

  • Care is a political issue – neoliberal subjects, questions of choice and consent – are important here. Mediated discourses of care are crucial here
  • May highlight how our relationship to care changes over of our life-course, as we move into and out of different relationships to dependency.

Next steps/research directions

  • Transnational connections – need to ensure that our discussions aren’t operating in a cultural vacuum
  • Potential for more collaborations between academic and art worlds


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